Redefining the SAMR Model

I want to rewrite the SAMR Model just to make it easier for me to remember.  Here is my draft:

S – Same stuff, different tool. (AKA, it’s 2017, we can do bigger, better)

A – Alright, Alright, but let’s try a little harder

M – Mmmm, that sounds interesting, tell me more.

R – Really!? You did that? WOW!

I am always looking for inspiration when using technology to expand student learning and impact.  I want to see students doing amazing things because they have powerful tools in their hands.

Let’s wow each other with what we do that redefines how our children are learning! Share what you are doing and finding. I will share what I am doing and finding.  For starters, here is a video that @pammoran posted on Twitter on 2/22/17.  I think it falls under the Wow category.

Here is the actual model and what the letters mean.  I personally love Sylvia Duckworth’s sketch of SAMR.  Plus, anything about the beach gets my attention.

How can we make the inconceivable a reality for our learners?


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