Mixing it Up

This afternoon our school got all mixed up to celebrate Acts of Kindness.  All of the classroom teachers read The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. We then split up all of our classes, Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, into mixed groups and sent them out into other classrooms to do an activity that focused on kindness.  Some did art, some did writing, some did skits, but all did something that revolved around kindness.  In my room, we created short videos about kindness.

Here are my takeaways.

I Noticed:

  • Students were very excited as they arrived at the lab.
  • One little introvert struggled to be part of the team, but was coaxed by an older student. We need to consider those students who are not naturally outgoing in situations like this.
  • Students naturally started asking each other question and making connections with each other.
  • 40 mins is barely enough time.

I Wonder:

  • What new connections could students make with others if we were to do this more often?
  • How our school culture and community could become more cohesive if we had more opportunities for mixing our students up?
  • How might we see student engagement change if they were given a larger role in preparing for an afternoon like this in the future?
  • How did students react going into teacher’s room they did not know?  (All the students have been in my room for Technology Class. Some students went to teachers they do not know.)

What if:

  • Students and teachers could look forward to this on a regular basis?
  • Students prepared and ran sessions about things they are experts at doing?

I think there will be a Part 2 to this day.  I hope there is.



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