img_0458-1Every year, on my train home from Educon, I try to reflect so I can formula some intelligent thoughts about what I just experienced. I’m always in awe of people who have a blog post about their learning that must have been crafted on their walk through the airport terminal. I don’t gather my thoughts that quickly and need time to ponder. Maybe I’m procrastinating. Maybe just trying to make sense of all the thinking. This year is the first year I choose sessions that were so perfect for me that I didn’t walk out of one and I didn’t skip one. This year I tried to connect with people I didn’t know and didn’t let other people’s number of followers intimidate me. This year I spoke as one who is able to do so much of what we discuss because of an amazingly supportive principal. This year I spent time outside of my comfort zone in a session about Engineering that got me more excited than ever to share that with my students. This year I spent quality time with long distant friends who validate and challenge my thinking. This year rocked.

So since I’m posting before midnight, this year I’m getting a post in on the last day of Educon. I still need to sit and stew and sift back through all of my tweets to start putting my thoughts together. Reflecting is a key part of what we do as educators and learners. It’s a part that is often skipped because it takes time. But it a critical part to enable us to move forward in our learning journey. We need to make time for what we value. I’ll be using some quality time tomorrow to reflect.


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