Second Grade Experts

Second graders eagerly working on “expert” writing for News from the Nest segments. 

Students at my school are always excited to be featured on our news show.  Typically third, fourth and fifth graders create the content for News from the Nest.  However, this trimester, second graders are taking over.

It all started with a conversation about what the second graders knew, what they are experts on.  We listed ideas and then students organized into small groups around like ideas. In those small groups, students began to record their knowledge using a KWHLQA chart.  I the horizontal chart for my students. After groups determined what they knew, what they wanted to find out more about and how they would go about doing that, they started researching.  I have students use links at our only2clicks site.

After researching, the students began creating a plan of action for how they would present their expert information on News from the Nest.  Students are in the process of writing scripts.  We will begin filming in the next few classes.

I have to say that I love the thinking that is happening during the 40 minutes that the students are with me.  They are asking questions and challenging each other without even realizing it.  I feel like so much learning is taking place right under their noses!

Our work flow for writing scripts.


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