What are You Playing?

What is your favorite app right now? I know you are using your mom and dad’s iPhone or Droid and you are using apps all the time. The reason I know is because Sidney and Dylan are using apps all the time. Here is a list of their favorite apps and where you can find them for a Droid or an iPhone/iPod Touch: (keep in mind Sid is 5 and Dylan is 19 months)

iPhone/iPod Touch: (All Free unless noted)
Baby Piano Lite (Dream Cortex)
iPuzzleWords Animals (Portegno Apps)
iPuzzleWords Transportion (Portegno Apps)
Giraffe’s Matching Zoo (www.tomatointeractive.com)
Giraffe’s Preschool Playground (www.tomatointeractive.com)
Peekaboo Barn ($1.99)
Peekaboo Wild ($1.99)
PBS Kids Photo Factory
Scribble Lite (Zintin)
Scoops-Ice Cream Fun (Nimblebit)
Toddler Teasers Shapes (Toddler Teasers)
For Android Phones, the big winner is Zoodles! I have it set up so that Sidney can click on her picture and play games and activities that are based on her age and Dylan can click on his picture and do the same. It’s fantastic. You will need mom and dad’s permission to set this up, in fact THEY will need to do it all for you! Talk to them first and if they say no, be ok with it. Their answer is the bottom line.
As I find more good games, I will post them here for all of you to enjoy! Post comments with your favorite games to share.

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