"It’s raining, again! I’m bored!"

So we have had how many days of rain now? I think I’ve lost count. Here are some places to go on a rainy day!

First on the list is our k5tech diigo site too! There are so many websites to try at k5tech that we have not checked out in school.

Girls, LMK is a great site to learn about keeping yourself safe online. It’s presented by the Girl Scouts and Microsoft. With your parents permission, you can set up an account and keep up to date with staying safe!

Don’t forget about one of my favorite sites, iknowthat.com. You can play all sorts of games from math, language arts, and social studies. With your parents permission, you can set up an account and play games with your friends. (Make sure you know WHO those friends are that you are playing with and never friend someone you don’t know in person!)

Another, sure-to-be-a-favorite, is the BBC’s KS2 Bitesize. Choose from English, Maths or Science and have some fun with interactive games. There are also links for easier (KS1) and harder (KS3) tasks. Fun for everyone! The BBC is filled with fun games and activities for kids! (Just remember that it’s coming from the UK, so some of the wording may be different from what you are use to!)

On the sunny days, get out and play! Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

I will be adding things here and on k5tech throughout the summer. Stay tuned.


One comment

  1. Anonymous · August 18, 2009

    I was in Mr Franzens class last year and i talked alot and Im gonna miss all the teachers from Oak Ridge and Everyone! Its august and Well summers gonna be over!
    Well have fun keep me updated


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