Kids’ Online Safety

Parents, we are all concerned about the safety of our children online. With that said, we also know all the great resources out on the web that benefit our students’ learning. So how do we make utilizing the Internet, safe for our children? It’s a question schools wrestle with on a regular basis. In my search for resources to help children understand the risks and how to keep themselves safe, I found some great resources that I wanted to pass along to you.– This link takes you to Google’s SafeKids site. There are resources for you and your family in making good Internet usage decisions. You can also do a kid safe search by clicking on the SafeKids logo.

Be Web Aware– Lots of great resources await you to help your children with Internet safety. Among the topics you can check out: Kid-friendly sites, Safety Tips by Age, and Cyber Bullying.

Chat Word Dictionary– One of my favorites! Keep up with all the Chat Lingo! If your children are IMing, then you might see a different language in their chats. Learn what BRB, ni and jam mean. Click on a letter and see a listing of all the chat lingos that start with that letter. – Meet Faux Paw, a feline friend that helps teach children about the good and the bad on the Internet. There are games, downloads, books and videos to watch, that teach about Internet safety.

OnGuard Online – This site has lots of parent resources for online safety. There are videos to assist you with Internet safety, along with information on security, spam filtering and wireless security.

I hope that you find these resources useful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if any of the links are down.


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