Looking Toward the Future

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Here is another lesson in blogging, reflecting and sharing feelings even when it’s difficult. After the Flyers’ loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday, I have spent time thinking about how to react to the season. So here is my reaction:

Last year the Flyers ended their season in last place, that’s 30th out of 30 teams in the NHL. The 2007-2008 hockey season was a sad one. Not only did the Flyers finish last, but Lord Stanley’s Cup went to the Anaheim Ducks! Ducks, really?? OK, I’m over that now, but the season had very few glimmers of hope for the Flyers. However, when we began this past season, there was speed, tighter passing and stronger goal tending. With that said, there was no thought in my mind of getting to the playoffs or being strong contenders. This was a year to build and grow. Never did I, or anyone else possibly, imagine that we would make it to final four, let alone 6th place in the Eastern Conference. I was thinking, “If we can just win a few more games than last year.”

So, can I be angry or upset that the team that my team who flopped last year, would lose in the third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, no way. I look at how we got there and am amazed. First of all, we finished 6th in the Eastern Conference after having a bit of a losing streak, OK, a HUGE losing streak in February. But with fight and vigor, this team got us into the playoffs. Then we had to face the Washington Capitals, who finished 3rd, followed by the Montreal Canadiens, who finished first. Yes, first. We defeated the 3rd place team and the 1st place team in the Eastern Conference. The team that stopped us, finished 2nd. Amazing.

My final reflection is this: We have a young team, with many tenacious players. If they were able to get this far this year, where will they go next year. Hopefully, Holmgren will keep Carter and Prospal, as they become free agents this summer. Hopefully we can enter next season with the same tenacity and speed that we had during the end of this season.


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