Two Great Sites for Young Readers

The kindergartners and first graders have been working on two websites to enhance their reading skills. The first site is called (I found this site through my learning network on Twitter.) Childtopia was created in Barcalona, Spain. The website was then translated to English. Some of the translations are a little awkward, but overall it is a great site for reading skills. There are games other than just reading too! You can play memory games, observation games and math games, just to name a few.

The other site is called Roy the Zebra. (Also found in my learning network of Twitterers.) This site focuses completely on reading skills. There are stories to read about Roy and his adventures with Lucy, George and Wellington. There are games to play that involve understanding sentence structure, word building and alphabetical order. This site comes to us from England. There are a few differences in words, for example: at the end of a sentence they put a full stop instead of a period. But the site overall offers excellent reading strategy games.


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