How Do You Communicate?

Think about the way you communicate with people everyday. It’s not all about the words you use. You give people looks, you use body language, you change expression and inflection in your voice. When you communicate with friends would you rather be on the phone, emailing, or in person?

Now think about how we use the computer to communicate. We have all created work that communicates something to others. Kindergarten made self-portraits. First Grade is working on an All About Me collage. Second grade wrote Number Stories. Third grade just finished Making Change. Fourth Grade is in the midst of writing a Digital Photo Story. Fifth grade recently finished Inspirations about a topic that’s important to them. All of the work we do in the Lab has to do with communicating our thoughts and learning to others.

How are you doing? Are you using technology to communicate clearly, accurately, and thoughtfully? As you are working on projects that involve technology, don’t just think about the fun you are having…think about how you are communicating!

Look for ways people communicate on the web. Write a comment to tell me what you find. (Ask an adult to help you post a comment!)


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