Some of you may have noticed that the blogroll on my site has not changed much lately. It’s not because I’m not adding any new sites that we use in Tech Class, or that I haven’t had time to add them. The top link on the blogroll is now the only link you need to find all the sites we access in class. It is our K5tech at diigo.com. Click on the “k5tech” link and away you go to all the great sites, yes, even the holiday ones we are using right now.

To use the diigo site effectively, you click on a topic or grade level in the ‘tag cloud’ on the right-hand side. All the sites tagged with that topic or grade level will come up on the screen. You can read the titles (in blue) and click on them to go to the site. The ‘tag cloud’ can be sorted into alphabetical order by clicking on “alpha” near the bottom. You can also change it from a cloud to a list by clicking on “list” near the bottom.

If you ever click on a site and it doesn’t work, send me a comment on my blog so I can check it out.

You may want to make “Mrs. Irvin’s Tech Page” a favorite and then you can get to the blog and k5tech easily.



  1. Gabby · April 12, 2009

    hi Ms.Irvin!I`m so glad you`re back!Love,Gabby


  2. Gabby · July 24, 2009

    hi ms.irvin i miss oak ridge sooo much!! and the teachers!!!!!!!!!miss you!


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