Digital Storytelling at Oak Ridge Owls Wiki!

Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders have been incredibly busy creating digital stories using Microsoft’s Photo Story 3. You can go to the new Oak Ridge Owls wikispace to view all of the great work the students have been doing.

Third graders worked with partners to study a famous rock formation. The students researched the locations, the type of rock, how the rock was formed and interesting facts about the rock. They used Google Earth and Wikipedia to gather photos and information.

Fourth graders picked a topic of choice to use in their Photo Stories. Students were asked to think of a topic that they liked and felt comfortable talking about…something they knew a lot about. Topics were as interesting and diverse as the students themselves!

Fifth grade studied Explorers in Social Studies. Taking one explorer, partners researched about the explorer’s motivation, discovery, journey, time period, and impact on our world. Then each student set to work to find images that would help tell the explorers story. Finally, students told the tales of the famous explorers from various points of view.

Enjoy viewing the Digital Stories!


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